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Crown Lifting Service Aloha, OR

Tree crown lifting refers to the pruning method of adding of additional space under your tree to allow for walk space, driveways, or other passageways. If your tree is on the street in Aloha you are required to make sure that your tree does not impede walkers or drivers as a safety hazard. Crown lifting is also used to avoid losing tree limbs on the bottom of your tree’s crown.

As trees grow, the available light that passes through to the bottom of the tree’s crown is reduced. As a result, deadwood may start to collect at the base of the tree crown. This can become a hazard to those near the tree and this wood is likely to break off and fall during a storm. By pruning the lowermost branches and limbs, our crown lifting service will encourage upward growth and reduce the likelihood of dead-fall during a storm.

If your tree is hard to access, we will use our professional tree climbers, pole saws, and other tree climbing equipment to effectively reduce the amount of dead wood in your tree. Our crown lifting teams use bucket trucks when needed, as well as top of the line tree climbing and tree cutting gear to lift tree crowns in Aloha.

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