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Crown Thinning Service Aloha, OR

Trees are beautiful living organisms that require care and proper maintenance to stay healthy. Crown thinning is a service that can lighten the load carried by your tree’s branches and limbs, and increase light penetration to the interior of the tree.

Oregon sees many storms each year, and every year Monkeyman’s Tree Service responds to emergency tree removal, and storm damage cleanup. Many of the trees we respond to could have been maintained and damage could have been avoided.

Crown thinning is also known as wind-thinning, because much like a sail on a boat, a tree’s crown catches wind. When left untamed, a tree crown can catch wind and topple during a bad wind storm. We provide affordable crown thinning services in Aloha.

By thinning out the tree’s branches evenly throughout the tree, we can provide much needed relief to your tree and avoid  major storm damage. Imagine standing in a wind storm while holding a 4’x8′ sheet of particle board. That’s what your tree feels like when it needs to be thinned.

To get your crown thinned before this next storm season, call Monkeyman’s at (503) 358-8754.