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Tree Crown Thinning Lake Oswego

When trees become overgrown and thick in the the crown, they need to be professionally thinned by qualified tree thinning experts like those at Monkeyman’s Tree Service. Overgrown and overly thick tree crowns block light and air from passing through the tree, creating a giant sail in wind storms and starving the interior branches and leaves of the ability to produce food, causing them to die off.

Trees that carry a lot of weight are like kids at fat camp. Under the right stress and pressure, the weight comes off. Unlike kids at fat camp, trees can drop their weight on your house, car or property and cause damage. Tree thinning allows for your tree’s dead branches to be removed in a safe and controlled manner – before they come down on their own.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service has over 30 years removing dead weight from trees. We bring the right tools, the right team, and the right equipment to your home to help your tree get back to its ideal size and shape and eliminate hazards.

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