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Dead Tree Removal Aloha, Oregon

Dead tree removal is a service that you should have performed immediately on an dead trees that are near you house, car, sidewalk or other potential hazard area.

We respond to downed trees as a result of storms every year, and dead trees just don’t have the structural integrity to hold up to high winds. At the same time, dead trees harbor insects and infestations that can spread to other trees, causing more issues for your trees.

Our dead tree removal experts will evaluate your dead trees to make the best decisions in extracting them from their current location. Dead trees have a tendency to splinter, crack and break much more than living trees. We take that into consideration when performing dead tree removal in Aloha. Monkeyman’s Tree Service does the job right the first time, and always for the price we quoted.

We don’t charge an arm and a leg for dead tree removal. In fact, we are considerably less expensive than most tree removal companies in Aloha.

If you have a dead tree on your property call (503) 358-8754 today and find out for yourself why Monkeyman’s Tree Service is becoming the area’s #1 choice in Tree Removal.