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Dead Tree Removal Lake Oswego

If your tree comes down during a storm, and lands on someone else’s property you are not responsible for the damages caused – unless the tree is dead, dying or in obvious poor condition.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service provides professional dead tree removal in Lake Oswego at affordable prices. Our dead tree removal crews can take down small dead trees and large dead trees alike in a safe and controlled manner without difficulty. Whether your dead tree is 10′ tall or 100′ tall, it makes no difference. We use the best in tree service equipment to remove any tree anywhere.

Trees can die to a number of causes; insects, weather and even old age. Regardless of the cause of death, a dead tree is a hazard to your property and the property of those around you. Typically speaking, dead trees are among the first to come down in high wind. Additionally, dead trees are a buffet for insects and diseases that can spread to neighboring trees and the worst threat? Termites.

Call us today at (503) 358-8754 and eliminate liabilities and potential hazards by getting your dead tree removed from your Lake Oswego business or residence.