Tree Removal Company

Land Clearing Company Aloha, OR

Need an experienced land clearing company in Aloha? You’ve found it. Monkeyman’s Tree Service uses state of the art land clearing equipment including stump grinders, cranes, wood chippers and expert tree climbers that make light work of any land clearing project you have in Aloha.

We specialize in land clearing for construction, agriculture and commercial projects. If you have a deadline that you need to meet and are looking for a company with the right experience to get the job done in a timely manner, give us a call.

Whether you have a limited access lot, or a 100 acre farm that has forested areas, we have the team and the land clearing equipment  to get in and get your trees out. Our professional land clearing teams use state of the art equipment to remove brush, thick bushes, overgrowth, blackberry bushes and more. Even if the terrain is difficult to navigate, and extracting trees seems like a difficult task, Monkeyman’s Tree Service can clear any land – any where.

For a free land clearing estimate, call (503) 358-8754 and get your land clearing project underway today.