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Tree Pruning Company Aloha, Oregon

Tree pruning may seem like a simple task, and with the right experience and skills it can be. However, in order for tree pruning to be considered effective, a wealth of knowledge and experience is required. Pruning a tree correctly can correct growth patterns, eliminate dead wood, control the size, shape and speed of growth and increase fruit production. Pruning a tree the wrong way can lead to many health issues for the tree and leave it looking unsightly and ugly. We are your experienced tree pruning experts in Aloha, OR.

There are many different tree pruning techniques, the most common are thinning, shaping, and dead wooding, each of which require knowledge of individual tree growth and healing patterns.

Pruning for trees is similar to getting your haircut. You have a couple of options, you can get your hair cut by a guy holding a dull knife and a sign that reads “I cuts hair”, or you can choose to get your hair cut by a professional with a salon, barber-cide, clippers, shears, and 30 years of hair cutting experience. We recommend the latter.

Don’t let your tree end up looking like a bad hair day. Call today and schedule your free tree pruning estimate at (503) 358-8754.