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Tree Shaping Service Aloha Oregon

Shaping a tree brings a clean and beautiful look to a tree. By shaping a tree, a professionally, your trees will take on a much cleaner feel that adds value to your property. Our professional tree shaping service Aloha can take a ragged and un-trimmed tree and turn it into a beauty.

There are many types of tree shaping but the most common are; crown shaping, crown reduction and crown lifting. All of our Aloha tree shaping services can be used to keep your tree healthy, safe and beautiful.

Our bucket truck can reach just about anywhere to trim the outside of your tree’s crown and shape it according to its type and size. Crown Reduction is typically performed when a tree has become to large for the space it lives. When a tree’s crown reaches power lines, other trees, or property, it may become a hazard. On the flip side, Crown Lifting is a procedure that can add clearance to the bottom of your tree’s crown. Typically, this service is used for aesthetics, as well as walkways and pathways.

Whatever tree shaping need you have we’ll be happy to provide you with a free tree shaping quote, just call (503) 358-8754