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Tree Surgeon Lake Oswego, OR

When trees are trimmed, pruned, or cut in any fashion, they are truly undergoing a surgery. As trees need pruned for corrective, health or safety reasons, they require professional tree surgeons to carry out the work.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service hires the best tree surgeons in the business. We believe in doing what is right by you and your trees and strive to do so on every tree surgery.

We’ve all heard horror stories from people going down to Tijuana to get a belly band surgery and coming back with more problems than they had before. Don’t let an under qualified amateur hack away at your tree and leave it in a worse position.

We have been performing tree surgery for over 30 years understand how to make the right cuts, in the right places so that you tree has the best chance for a beautiful and rapid recovery. When you need to trust your tree to a professional, don’t settle for less – trust the qualified and experienced Lake Oswego tree surgeons at Monkeyman’s Tree Service.

Our tree surgeons are standing by to provide you with a complimentary estimate for any tree pruning procedures you need performed on your trees. Call today (503) 964-3663.