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Tree Trimming Portland Oregon

Local real estate agents will tell you that a properly maintained tree can increase your home’s value by thousands. Trees provide shade, clean air and are a beautiful addition to any home’s landscape. With Monkeyman’s tree trimming service in Portland, you can feel confident that your trees will continue to grow in a safe and healthy manner, while still bringing a beautiful touch to your property.

Tree trimming is a service that allows more light and air flow to enter the tree, promoting growth and reducing drag in high winds. When more light is able to enter the tree, the tree is able to produce more food and dead wood is less likely to form as a result of a lack of light. At the same time, air flow reduces the risk of your tree catching too much wind during a storm. By trimming a tree properly, we are able to promote healthy growth and reduce risk.

Our Portland tree trimmers understand proper tree trimming methods, and only trim trees in ways that will allow for healthier and more beautiful trees. We are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection and have never had a claim.

We look forward to serving you with an affordable, professional, and friendly tree trimming service in Portland. Call us today for a free tree trimming quote (503) 964-3663.