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Wind Thinning Professionals Portland

Wind thinning in Portland is the process of removing tree limbs and branches to allow light and air to pass through the tree freely. Most of the time, people decide to have their tree thinned out after a huge wind storm comes through Portland and they watch their giant tree sway in the wind threatening to come down at any moment. Thinking to themselves, “Did I make the home insurance payment?”

Monkeyman’s provides wind thinning services to Portland residents at affordable rates. Our expert tree climbers can scale a tree in no time and eliminate unnecessary branches and take a bit of wind out of the sails in your tree.

If you are thinking to yourself, “My tree has roots, I don’t need a wind thinning service…”, go outside during the next wind storm and hold a 4’x8′ sheet of plywood in the wind while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. If you find it a bit tough, so does your tree. If you take flight, send us the video and we’ll give you $100 off your next wind thinning service. Trees need to be thinned regularly to avoid storm damage and downed trees.

We will gladly give you a free estimate for any wind thinning services you need. Just shoot us a call (503) 964-3663.